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Clementine and emotions

This book seeks to help children learn more about their emotions. They will learn what they are, what they are for and how they feel, among other things. It also comes with support material to reflect more on them; be it with your family, friends, educators or guardians. COMING SOON!

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    Clementine lost her bear
    (Includes material on child grief)

    In this story, Clementina loses something very precious to her, her bear. Throughout this story, Clementina will face different stages of the duel and will have different emotions. Together with your family, you will carry out some actions that will help you cope with this process in a better way. This story comes with information for adults about childhood grief, so that they can have more tools to accompany the child who is facing this process. COMING SOON!

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      Set 6 tales of Clementina and the coronavirus

      Clementine and the coronavirus: story that helps to transmit different relevant information of this pandemic to children and encourages conversation about the changes it has brought associated.

      Clementina is confused: addresses the different emotions that children may be feeling with the changes in daily life caused by the coronavirus. Some tools are provided especially for the management of childhood anxiety.

      Clementina is angry: This story develops the feeling of frustration and anger that many children are feeling in this context of a pandemic. Strategies are provided to recognize and learn to manage these emotions.

      Clementina discovers the positive: story that provides tools from positive psychology. It seeks to enhance positive emotions, optimism and gratitude, seeking to increase well-being and resilience as a protector of mental health.

      style = "color: # 36415c;" Clementina can now leave: addresses different aspects and emotions that are important to anticipate and address when leaving and facing a new scenario after quarantine. Provide tools for children to face this stage with less anxiety.

      Clementina goes back to school : this story anticipates the emotions and situations that children may face when they return to their educational establishments, as a way to reduce the anxiety that this scenario could provoke. Separation anxiety is addressed and some general guidelines are provided to support children if necessary.


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