Throughout my career I have constantly seen the need for parents, tutors or teachers, to have concrete tools to address different complex issues that children can be faced with.

In the context of the arrival of the coronavirus in the country, this need was also reflected. The news of a global pandemic and the restrictions that were established from one moment to another due to the Coronavirus, was not information that could be avoided from communicating, and it was not easy to do so.

That is how I began to see many parents or adults in search of information on how to better convey what was happening to children. From this concern Clementina was born, “a girl like you”, or like any other child, the one who must face the same difficulties and emotions as anyone else in this context. With this series of stories I have sought to support and accompany parents and / or any adult in charge of children, providing a guide on how to address different issues related to coronavirus, and thus protect the emotional well-being of our children.

The purpose of this work has also been to provide tools for the development of socio-emotional skills and to encourage dialogue within the family, or with the adults who are in charge of the children, an essential element to have a good bond with them, which it is an important protective factor of mental health.

“With Clementine’s stories I also seek to provide tools for the development of socio-emotional skills and encourage dialogue within the family.”

I would like to share with you Clementine’s stories, which have been inspired and written within the Coronavirus pandemic context. Free Download

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