child and adolescent therapy

Child and adolescent therapy

child and adolescent therapy

Families may decide to support their children with psychological therapy for a variety of reasons. Whether for personal development, behavior problems, to develop social skills or overcome school difficulties, among others.

I carry out this support in conjunction with the family, school or other specialists if necessary.

I work through play therapy, as it is the natural way for children at this age to express themselves and make their feelings and emotions, their realities and conflicts known.

Parental Accompaniment

parental accompaniment

I carry out accompaniment sessions for parents who want to find out, resolve doubts or address a specific issue (positive parenting, grief, changes, separation of parents and others).

parental accompaniment
Talks and trainings

Talks and Trainings

talks, trainings

Focusing on different themes of childhood. Emotional regulation, parenting, self-care and socio-emotional education. Aimed at parents, schools, gardens, teachers, companies and government institutions.